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Lyons Walking Arboretum

The Lyons Walking Arboretum is a walking route through downtown Lyons that visits 40 labeled trees, each a different species. This walk celebrates the variety of trees planted in Lyons through its history, and it's a good way to spend some time enjoying and learning about the trees around us.  

A map and detailed illustrated guide to the trees are available here (pdf):

Tree #1: Bristlecone Pine
Pinus aristata, Pine family (Pinaceae)

Tree #2: Emerald Sunshine Elm
Ulmus propinqua, Elm family (Ulmaceae)

Tree #8: Scotch Pine
Pinus sylvestris, Pine family (Pinaceae)

Tree #12: Black Locust
Robinia pseudoacacia, Legume family (Fabaceae)

Tree #14: Hoptree, Wafer Ash
Ptelea trifoliata, Rue family (Rutaceae)

Tree #31: Northern Catalpa
Catalpa speciosa, Trumpet Creeper family (Bignoniaceae)

Tree names and family membership come from The Sibley Guide to Trees, by David Allen Sibley, and varietal information comes from planting records when available.

Photos by Zach Berta-Thompson or Jessie Berta-Thompson.